The prefabricated ceramic walls are constructed with Ploegsteert's rapid construction bricks and a two-component PU adhesive. The walls are suitable for load-bearing and non-load-bearing masonry.

These floor-to-ceiling walls have unparalleled dimensional stability thanks to a revolutionary production process. In addition, the precast walls have an ATG seal of approval.



  • A fast construction site
  • A cost-effective construction site
  • A safe construction site
  • A clean construction site



  • Easy assembly: 3 people per team
  • High efficiency: 200 to 250 m² per shift per day
  • Streamlined site coördination
  • Integrated EPB solution with the Ploegsteert Lambdabloc
  • Integration of non-load bearing ceramic lintels
  • Simple lifting system
  • Available in different compressive strengths
  • Storey-high walls
  • Punctual deliveries to the building site
  • Cut-outs for various techniques
  • Installation can be implemented by a Prefaxis approved contractor.
  • The contractor's installation crew is trained by the project consultants.
  • Customization
  • Guidance from design to project completion.
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  • Used fast building bricks
    Choice of stone thickness: 100 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm and 190 mm.
    Choice of different compressive strengths: TBV ≥ 18 N/mm², TBVHR ≥ 25 N/mm², HBV ≥ 35 N/mm².
  • Size tolerance
    Average of 3 mm, both in horizontal and vertical directions!
  • Characteristic compressive strength of the wall
    Test results on test walls (according to NBN EN1052-1) show a characteristic compressive strength of 8.6 to 12.7 N/mm².
  • Fire resistance
    Test results provide a fire resistance of 150 minutes (REI 120) (plastered on one side).
  • Insulation
    Good thermal and acoustic insulation guarantee optimal living comfort.
  • Waterproofing
    The wall has a certified water barrier that comes between the first and second layer of bricks. Test results from the WTCB state that "rising damp is completely stopped".
  • Mass
    Mass density: 950 to 1210 kg/m³.

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Prefaxis offers precast concrete beams when ordering ceramic walls, as an additional service to its customers.

Possible widths: 12, 14 or 19 cm

  • Precast concrete beams are drawn out along with the walls.
  • One technical point of contact within Prefaxis for walls and beams.
  • The concrete beams are included with the walls.
  • No on-site formwork, higher efficiency.
  • Efficient work, less labor intensive.
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